The Pivot Pack


The best llama trekking pack for over 40 years, the Pivot Pack is light weight, durable, tough, versatile, & comfortable.


Designed specifically for the llama’s forward anatomy and rolling gait.


Designed specifically for the llama’s forward anatomy and rolling gait.

A Detailed Look Into the Quality of the Colorado Pivot Pack


Anatomical Fit

The 6# aluminum frame is sized to fit the llama’s gross anatomy as well as instantly adjust to each llama’s specific anatomy.

Durable Cinch

Cinch straps are made of 1.5 inch strap that is durable yet easy to work with.

Secure Load

4x3/4” D-rings on the saddle frame allow secure top load attachment.

Pivot Design

The pivot design provides a comfortable, individualized fit as well as inherent stability carrying work loads.

Hand Tied

We hand tie our cinches from mohair cording to provide optimum surface contact and maximum comfort.

Aluminum Frame

Brushed aluminum finish is durable and self-maintaining.
Commercial packing in desert & alpine conditions
Hunting & recreation
Military & Special Forces applications
Trail construction
Scientific surveys, sampling & photographic support

Unmatched Adaptability

In 1980, soft packs were the only commercially available pack option for llamas. The limitations of the soft packs and a looming deadline to provide pack llamas for National Park crews focused our efforts to design a better system.

We produced a prototype pivot pack from aluminum tubing salvaged from a broken lawn chair in the hope of providing a viable pack frame using the templates of equine crossbucks. Though we intended the flexible crossbuck to allow determination of the optimum saddle width, it ultimately became the default design. The width of different pack llamas showed a wide variation in body size from llama to llama and we noted greater stability using the flexible crossbuck over a fixed crossbuck. We’ve found no frame design that matches the adaptability and stability of the pivot pack frame.

From that beginning we used a number of pad designs and materials, pannier configurations, and cinching options in all possible packing situations to arrive at our current design that is unchanged since the late 1980’s.


Maximum Comfort

Tapered foam bars are sewn into the pad give a custom fit and protect the llama’s loin muscle, bridge the gap behind the withers, and elevate the frame to insure spinal protection as well as provide even greater stability to a loaded saddle.

Stays Put

The face of the pad is synthetic fleece that grips the llama’s fiber and prevents movement of the pad on the llama.

Maximum Cooling

The pad is sized to the footprint of the saddle to allow maximum evaporative cooling.

Zero Chafing

The top of the pad is canvas with Velcro tabs that secure the frame to the pad. Any saddle movement is negligible and limited to the saddle moving on the pad with no movement of the pad on the animal.


Room for Gear

Our panniers have a 3200 cubic inch capacity.

Tough Construction

The bodies are constructed of #4 canvas for durability and abrasion resistance, and are also available in Grizzly cloth with adaptive canvas lids that allow use as a bucket for tough construction and hunting applications. Cordura reinforced corners insure long lasting durability.

Colorful Canvas

Panniers available in 5 different lid colors to assist in visually identifying gear and equipment locations. The initial brightness fades with use to limit visual impact in the back country.

Made for Heavy Loads

Secure double ring lid closures provide additional load compression. A 1” web center compression strap and cam lock consolidate and stabilize the pannier's contents. Hang straps made of heavy 2” web with alligator buckles provide optimum length and stability for heavy loads.

Buckhorn Products

Colorado Pivot Pack

with Anatomical Pad


Colorado Pivot Pack

Without Pad


Anatomical Pad

for Pivot Pack


One Pair #4 Canvas Panniers

with Cordura Lids (choice of color of lid cover)


One Pair Grizzly Cloth Panniers

with Canvas Lids