Llama Fiber Socks


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Llama Fiber Socks

These socks keep your feet warm and dry in the backcountry, with superior cushioning for longer treks. The softness and naturally antimicrobial quality of llama fiber make it the ideal material for these high performance socks.

Natural Brown


One Size


• 50 degree comfort range.
• Made of soft 560 gm/mt baby llama fabric.
• Antimicrobial
• One size fits all

Care & Maintenance

Our llama fabrics are easy to maintain and clean. Launder as needed following our recommendations to keep your garment looking fresh and new.

• Wash the garment alone using the gentle cycle of your washer and cold water.
• Use shampoo for soap (without conditioner).
• After washing, lay the garment flat to dry (Do not use heated dryer).


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