Knit Vest



Knit Vest

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Altiplano has been producing this design for the last 6 years. It is our most popular women's design and per customer request, we has produced it in a lighter knit.

• Mandarin Collar compliments casual or dress attire.
• Knit fabric gives a comfortable, trim fit.
• Princess seams impart a simple, elegant styling.
• Pockets are easily accessible yet concealed in the princess seams.

Care & Maintenance

Our llama fabrics are easy to maintain and clean. Launder as needed following our recommendations to keep your garment looking fresh and new.

• Wash the garment alone using the gentle cycle of your washer and cold water.
• Use shampoo for soap (without conditioner).
• After washing, lay the garment flat to dry (Do not use heated dryer).