Christmas Wreaths from Colorado

Beautiful and Distinctive

Colorado Douglas fir Christmas swag These beautiful and distinctive Christmas wreaths are made of prime Douglas fir, accented with clutches of long needle Ponderosa pine, and berry-laden sprigs of Juniper . The contrast of color and texture produced in these wreaths by this combination is highlighted by the addition of a traditional red bow and cluster of pine cones.

Highest Quality and Freshness

Colorado Douglas fir wreath with juniper and Ponderosa highlights These wreaths stand alone in regard to quality and freshness. Boughs are cut in November, after series of cold, Colorado mountain nights have induced winter dormancy in the stands of fir and have set the trees’ soft needles. This produces a wreath that stays soft, green, and aromatic for the Christmas season and typically lasts well into spring.

Transported by Llamas

Prime fir typically grows on the north slopes of the Rockies at elevations of 6000 - 8500 feet. The terrain is always rugged and often laden with snow, making it inaccessible except on foot. Llamas from our pack strings are sure-footed enough to negotiate the conditions and pack the harvest to trucks waiting at access roads. The fir is trucked from the high country to our ranch where our guides are transformed from warm season expedition leaders and wranglers into winter artisans who fashion the fresh boughs into aromatic Christmas décor.

A Gift with a Story

Llamas Hauling Boughs for Wreaths Heavily laden llamas quietly and confidently tread the early winter snow blanketing the cold and dark north slopes, the same north slopes that throughout the Rockies offer deadfall, steep faces, and dense stands of douglas fir. It is here the trusty animals' loads originate from the shearing of the fir's prime bough tips. The llamas, on a "busman's holiday" from their normal warm season packing, use their talents to make these holiday greens accessible. It is our wish their efforts will brighten and encourage your celebration of Christmas.

Each wreath is highlighted by a card (see photo) that tells the story of its origin which sets it apart from factory produced wreaths. In addition, the card has our Christmas logo and a B&W photo of a llama pack string hauling boughs. It provides the perfect place to add your Christmas greeting.

Each wreath is sent with a bow custom made of red ribbon.

In addition to our Christmas wreaths, we produce a Christmas swag from select boughs of our Douglas fir harvest.  Each swag is 36" - 42 inches in length and has the same red bow, cone cluster, and card as our wreaths.  These swags offer the perfect decorating alternative to wreaths, where space is restricted.


22 Inch Colorado Christmas Wreath $39.95*
26 Inch Colorado Christmas Wreath $52.95*
30 Inch Colorado Christmas Wreath $67.95*
36 Inch Swag $27.95*

*Plus Shipping & Handling: Within the Continental U.S. add the following per wreath:

22 Inch Colorado Christmas Wreath $23.00
26 Inch Colorado Christmas Wreath $26.00
30 Inch Colorado Christmas Wreath $32.00
36 Inch Swag $26.00

We ship UPS or Parcel Post
Colorado residents will add 3% sales Tax

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