Llama Leases and Rentals

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Llama train in the High Country Buckhorn Llama Co., Inc. offers trained pack llamas for short-term or long-term leases to government agencies, businesses, and private individuals for a variety of business and recreational applications. It is not necessary to have extensive animal experience to lease and handle a trained pack llama. Our program is geared to serving people who have backcountry experience and skills (generally from backpacking), are knowledgeable about the area they use, have their personal camping equipment, but want to increase their range and weight capacity. They have everything necessary for their trip except llamas. Pack llamas at wilderness trailhead Leasing makes llamas available to people who can’t or don’t want to maintain animals on a year-round basis, those who want pack animal support without the constraints and expense of a guide, or those who need occasional support for longer trips, special projects requiring extra equipment, or taking novices or companions with restrictions that preclude backpacking.

Pack llama instruction for Special Forces

We require each lessee to take an orientation class prior to their initial lease. This session lasts approximately four hours for the average person with backcountry experience and addresses the entire process of packing and caring for llamas in the backcountry. We focus on your individual situation and address any special needs you may have, as well as giving the foundational instruction common to every instruction. A maximum of four persons per instruction is advisable. Larger instructions can be arranged, but will require additional instructors and will take longer.

The animal lease fee includes all the equipment required for packing and maintaining the llama(s) in the backcountry. We charge a separate orientation fee. The lessee may transport the llama(s) themselves or pay Buckhorn transportation fees for delivery and pickup. We rent stockracks that slide into the back of a pickup truck or you may bring your own trailer. All transport vehicles must be approved by us for the safety of both our animals and clients. Transportation will be addressed at the orientation session and bringing the transport vehicle for evaluation is advisable if suitability is in question.

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