Green/Sustainable Advantages of Christmas Wreaths
from Buckhorn Llama Company, Inc.

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Our Christmas wreaths are made from Douglas fir boughs that are an all-natural product and fully bio-degradable. The boughs are hand-harvested by loping the bough tips from growing trees. By taking the tips and leaving strong lateral branches behind each cut, a quick regeneration of the boughs and subsequent harvests are assured. This pruning effect stimulates and invigorates shorn trees to produce healthy new growth and prevents dead interior branches common to trees not harvested. Increased vitality and decreased fire hazard are very positive consequences.

The boughs are harvested in November after hard freezes have assured dormancy and set the needles. This assures a fresh green wreath that doesn't require treatment with fire retardant for safe display. Additionally, the supple green color and fresh aroma bring a marked increase in the enjoyment of the wreath.

Historic roads serve the mountain fir stands we harvest. Bundles of harvested boughs are hauled to these roads by cutters and/or pack llamas and trucked to our barn/office headquarters where they are fashioned into wreaths. Llama guides do the cutting, production, and shipping as they bide the idle months of winter until the packing season begins anew in the Spring . All aspects of harvest and construction are local, limiting transportation impacts. Wreaths are distributed by local delivery, personal pickup, or parcel delivery services. There are no special requirements, materials, or preparation needed for shipping. Besides the biodegradable boughs, all wreath components, accessories, and shipping materials are reusable or recyclable.

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