Breeding Llamas for Sale

NOTE: Many of these llamas are no longer available. These descriptions provide information about the kinds of llamas that we have available. Please contact us at 970-667-7411 or for details of llamas currently available

Great Divide Llamas is the breeding and production portion of Buckhorn Llama Company, Inc.'s llama operation, and serves as the source of the breeding and utility llamas offered for sale. We select the top end of our production each year for our own replacement breeding stock and for sale to other breeders. The balance of the production goes into evaluation and training for utility applications.

cartoon of breeding llamas

Great Divide Llamas was organized in 1977, with a focus on producing llamas that are reproductively strong and excel as performance pack animals. Maintaining that focus has made us successful in consistently providing animals and services that have met or exceeded our clients' needs and expectations. Additionally, because we work our animals and make demands on them to produce at the highest levels, our selection and culling process is based on fact rather than theory, conjecture, or appearance. Twenty years of practicing this philosophy has resulted in a higher degree of predictability for our focus traits than encountered in typical breeding operations that breed for market trends, peripheral aesthetic traits, and show ring presence.

We offer the following classifications of breeding stock for sale:

Brood Females Adult female llamas that have produced one or more offspring
Maiden or First Cria Females Female llamas 18 months of age or older who are bred for the first time or who are awaiting breeding for the first time.
Studs mature male llamas that have been selected for breeding use and have successfully sired one or more offspring.
Stud Candidates Male llamas that show breeding potential, but have not bred any females.
Weanling Females Young female llamas 6-12 months of age, that have been separated from their mother and become self-sufficient.
Weanling Males Young male llamas 6-12 months of age, that have been separated from their mothers and are self-sufficient
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