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Colorado llama ranch offering trained pack llamas for sale & breeding stock for sale

The roots of Buckhorn Llama Co., Inc. trace back to 1977 when Stan and Dianne Ebel bought their first llamas to begin exploring the animals' ability as wilderness pack animals as well as their potential as a business enterprise. With a three-year-old daughter and more children in the plan, it was apparent that if wilderness packing was to continue for the Ebels, someone besides Stan would need to carry the extra physical load generated by children. Dianne refused. Research of alternatives pointed to the llama as the animal of choice to fill the role as a beast of burden. After several years of raising, training, and evaluating the South American packers, their ability and advantages became apparent to the extent that Great Divide Llamas was organized as a breeding enterprise with the goal of selectively breeding high production pack stock.

The success of Great Divide Llamas and the validity of the llamas' packing ability gave rise to Buckhorn Llama Co., Inc. in 1985. This company was formed to focus on the provision of packing services for the public, backcountry businesses, and land management agencies. Many people were quite interested in using llamas, but either could not or did not want to own, breed, or manage their own animals. Buckhorn has been filling that role, utilizing the animals produced by the Great Divide breeding program since that time.

Ebel family offers llama packing services & llama breeding, pack llama training, pack llamas for sale, llama leases & guided llama pack trips. We are a family business and as the kids have grown, so have their roles and involvement in the business. Husbandry, training, conditioning, maintenance, and office management have been handled by family. We've learned a lot about llamas, business, and being a family through this experience. Our hope is that our experience will make your experience dealing with Buckhorn, a good one.

Though we are a family business, we have needed the help of some very capable people through the years. These people all have their own businesses or professions, but work with us on a contract basis to provide the best possible services for our clients. Each has their own area of expertise and giftedness. The common factor that makes us work effectively together is an understanding and appreciation of llamas and a love of the wilderness.

These individuals work mainly as guides and interpreters, but some also do training and conditioning as they have time. We feel fortunate to have found these individuals as they are not only mature and capable, they are skilled with people, and have a strong desire to see those they serve, enjoy and appreciate their backcountry experience.

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