Great Divide Llama Restraint Chute
Second Generation

Great Divide Llama Restraint Chute The Great Divide Llama restraint chute has been the industry standard since mechanical restraint became an apparent need for llama owners. This model continues our tradition of raising the standard . We've taken suggestions from our customers, combined them with our own observations, and created a unit that addresses the needs of both owners and veterinary practitioners. Safety and efficiency remain the focus of the unit, and this model effects that focus by allowing easier entry and adjustment plus greater accessibility to the restrained animal. Quieter operation and a more open architecture make the unit less threatening and elicits greater cooperation and confidence in animals to be restrained. We know you'll find this edition a valuable asset in your operation.

Side doors can be fully opened for easier access to restrained animal or to place the grooming post and allow access similar to a blocking chute. Both side doors open
Easily open with push-up assembly Push up assembly holds animal in forward position without pressure on halter.  Ideal for drawing blood.
Adjustable stocks fit all sizes of llamas or alpacas. Adjustable stocks
Stocks, cross-ties and pulley

Stocks open and close quietly with a drapery pull configuration. You simply pull the rope to place stocks at desired width and lock in place by pressing the rope into a jam cleat.

Multiple cross tie stations are standard.  This allows tying at different positions for various procedures. There are two forward and two upper stations.

Door drops down for ease of entry Drop door open

Optional Transport Assembly

If you use your chute at different locations on the ranch or need to move the unit for cleaning or freeing space, this option is a feature you'll enjoy using.   

Great Divide Llama Restraint Chute Great Divide Llama Restraint Chute

The transport assembly quickly attaches and locks in place.

Drop in the detachable handle and one person can wheel the chute to another location quickly and easily.

Great Divide Llama Restraint Chute Great Divide Llama Restraint Chute Great Divide Llama Restraint Chute

CAUTION: This transport assembly is not designed for towing behind a vehicle or highway use.


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